Sunday Night Reward Hour

How it Works

  • Enter Any of Our Competitions and Proceed to Checkout
  • At the Top of the Checkout Page there is a Tickbox to add £1 to the Entry
  • If Selected, £1 is added to your order and Counts as 1 Entry to the Sunday Night Reward Hour
  • You can add £1 Every Time you enter a competition – no maximum but you can only win once. If your name is drawn more than once it will not count for the current draw
  • Watch the LIVE Sunday Night Reward Hour Every Sunday between 7-8pm on Facebook, Instagram & YouTube

You can win Cash, Free Entries to Competitions and Website Credit.

Winners are selected as per every other competition using Google’s Random Number Generator. The Cut off time for the Sunday is 730pm – Any entries made after this will be added to the following week’s draw. Draw takes place Sunday after 830pm.


But WAIT! There’s MORE

We’re adding a new element to our Sunday Night Reward Hour!
More free prizes, just for watching, commenting and sharing.
We’ve upped the opportunities for you to win some free cash and tickets just for watching and commenting on the Sunday Night Reward Hour Live Video each Sunday!
At the start of the Sunday Reward Hour, we will generate a number between 0 – 9.
For every scratch card ending in that number, the scratch card value will become a prize for up to 6 random persons generated from the comments from the Sunday Reward Hour live video.
If the value of the scratch card is £0, then the winner will still get a free entry into a competition.
So this is how it works:
A number between 0 – 9 will be drawn at random using the random number generator.
Example: The number 03 is generated.
Scratch card numbers: 03, 13, 23, 33, 43 & 53 will be the lucky cards.
If scratch card 03 has a value of £50, the person drawn from the comment draw will win that value.
If scratch card 13 has a value of £0, the person drawn from the comment draw will win a free ticket into one of the current draws that are live on the website.
Are you ready for more added fun, extra winning all rolled into an hour every Sunday night?!
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