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How It Works

Enter Any of Our Competitions and Proceed to Checkout, where at the top of the page there is a Tickbox to add £1 to the Entry.

If Selected, £1 is added to your order and Counts as 1 Entry to the Players Weekly Reward

There are 5 Chances to WIN for only £1. GUARANTEED 5 separate WINNERS!

The LIVE Draws will be Every Sunday Night at 830pm on Facebook, Instagram & YouTube

But WAIT! There’s MORE

Thursday Nights just got a whole lot more exciting at Bright HQ.
We’ve launched a quiz which you can join in, for a chance to win some free stuff.
Join us live between 9.00pm and 9.45pm Thursday Night on Facebook for our QUIZ!
There’s questions, banter and for commenting, sharing and getting involved you are in with a chance of winning some website credit to spend on any of our fantastic competitions.
We will draw six separate winners via a comment draw during the live draws.
You’ve got a fantastic chance to win big for free!

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